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Slot Machines Wholesale offers an enormous selection of refurbished and innovative casino slot machines for sale, video poker and cherry master. The high quality slot machines are provided with a one year warranty plan and a life time tech support system. Customers can visit their online website and find pages of instructions and also purchase an 84 page IGT manual. The experienced professionals at Slot Machines Wholesale are also trained to rebuilt and offer fully running and high quality slot machines for sale. The professionals can re-build the slot machine by the pull arm replacement, replace broken glasses, repair the damaged real strips and light bulbs and also insert the new eprom game chips. Customers are offered the slot machines with keys to operate the machine with and also a high security door lock for safety purposes. Slot Machines Wholesale takes pride to offer a huge range of slot machines for sale.

These include the Antique war eagle slot machine, the belly game maker slot machine, the IGT 4th of July slot machine, IGT alien video slot machine, IGT balloon bars slot machine, IGT black cherry slot machine, IGT black window slot machine and many more. The machines built with exceptional designs and offered at incredible wholesale rates. From the list of antique slot machines, the Antique war eagle slot machine is a mills classic machine and has been refurbished with novel specifications. The castings of this slot machine is polished and plated in either nickel or gold and is then individually fit to each cabinet. The machine also comes with a standard 25 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent or even 1 cent play. Customers can also find machines with an additional amount and can also place a special order on a specified denomination machines. Another from the variety of slot machines for sale is the IGT 4th of July slot machine. This machine is a quarter slot machines and features a chaos spin that runs wild every time a player wins. The machine is 48 inches high and the added 4 to 6 inches of the top candle on the machine.

In addition the machine runs on a normal 110 V household current with no special adapter or wiring needed. Slot Machines Wholesale also provides a unique range of slot machines for sale in incredible and affordable deals. These include the red white and blue package deal and the triple diamond package deal. The red white and blue package deal includes one red white blue slot machine for sale, one black stand and thousand quarter size tokens. The machine is 44 inches high and weighs approximately 250 pounds. In addition the machine machines on an average 110 V household current with a power cord at the back of the machine. Slot Machines Wholesale also offers a unique variety of accessories along with the slot machines for sale. These include stolls, stands, token, skill stop cherry master, tokens, pot of gold and many more. Customers are also free to call their toll free number to order a specific required product from the list of slot machines for sale and also order for a customized slot machine.

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