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Does the slot machines take money? Yes. All of our slot machines take quarters, and dollars. Ones through a hundred.
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How long will it take to receive my order?
We ship 5-day economy, which means you will receive in 6 business days, right to your doorstep. The flat fee is $195.00 . Someone will need to be there to sign for the shipment, but it will not be delivered without contacting you first.
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What do I need to do to set it up and start playing?
Plug it in, turn it on, and you are ready to play.
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Can I exchange it for another or trade up?
Sorry we do not, and the reason is that shipping cost. However a slot machine can be changed with a different game kit. You can find these in our parts category for $300. We also have package deals that include a game kit, a slot machine and a stand. You will find this in our package deals under slot machines. Once you have your new kit, give us a call and the kit can be changed out in about 20 minutes. The old kit is still good to change back to whenever you want.
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Are the slot machines programmable by the owner on the payout?
The chip in the motherboard controls the payout. The average payouts are between 85% to 98%. We install a 92% unless you, the customer order differently. You can specify this in the "notes" section when you are checking out. You can also order another chip in our parts category.
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Is the minor maintenance easy to do?
It is easy, give us a call and we will walk you right through it.
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How easy is it to empty and/or add coins?
There is lever you push to remove the cashbox, turn it over and remove the bills. Then slide the cashbox back into the machine. Adding coins is just as easy, open the door and drop the hopper.

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For a severe maintenance problem, do you need to send back the whole machine for repair?
Parts in the slot machine are easy to remove. That part can shipped to us, and we will repair or replace it and ship it back to you. No machine has ever been shipped to us for repairs.
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What is the condition of the machine I will be receiving?
We can send you additional pictures to your email address. We want to make sure there are no miscommunication in the condition in the exact slot machine you are buying. Please note most slot machines are in the black, there are a few that are not.

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What is the size and weight of the machine?
The height is 42", but the top candle will add an addition 4 to 6 inches. The width is 22 inches and is 22 inches deep. The average machine weights 250 pounds.
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What is the slot machines power requirements?
This is a good questions. Since there is a computer board inside it would be best to plug into a power surge protector. They only need normal 110 v current, so yes you can plug straight into your wall outlet. Please note: the plug is in the back of the machine.
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What is the payout percentage of the eprom chips that are installed?
Your machine will come with a 92% eprom reel chip. You can request another chip, or buy an additional chip which are available from 85% to 98%.
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Do you clear out the ram memory?
Yes, we do erase the memory. We set it back to the day it first left the factory.
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What kind of warranty, and tech service comes with my machine?
Slot Machine Wholesale gives you a one year warranty on parts and labor. We provide technical support for service or parts.
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