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IGT 76 Game Game King 6.0
Item Number: 89582-IGT 7GP7_1m IGT 76 Game Game King 6.0

This Game King 6.0 has 76 games on it in which there are 9 Keno games with bonuses, Blackjack, 52 Poker games, and 14 video slots.

The Cleopatra has 9 reels and 9 lines and 10 bets per line where each symbol space is a separate reel and it has the same symbols with the Cleopatra being wild and with 3 Sphinx symbols scatter will trigger the bonus round where you get 10 or more free spins.

There are 2 5x Pay Games, one has 3 reels 9 paylines and can bet up to 10 bets per line and the other 5x Pay has 5 reels 25 lines and 10 bet per line. They both have scatter pays and depending on the number of symbols showing, will determine the number of credits awarded.

Black Rhino has 5 reels 9 lines and can bet up to 10 credits per line. There is a scatter pay with 3 or more masks are showing for a progressive awards when more masks are showing.

Double Bucks has 5 reels 9 lines and has a maximum bet of 10 credits per line, and when you get 3 or more symbols on a pay line, it triggers the 10 free spin bonus round.

Fortune Cookie is a fun game in which it has 5 reels 15 lines and again 10 credits per line for a max bet. When you get 3 rice boxes scattered, it triggers the bonus round and Mr. Lucky shows up on a special video and tells you to pick some Chinese dishes to order off of a menu. When you pick the dishes it reveals what you have won you keep picking the dishes until it tells you to stop or that you order everything off of the menu. Mr. Lucky makes several funny comments about the dishes that you order.

Gopher Cash is another fun game in which you can bet up to 10 credits per line of each of the 9 lines. When you get the gopher on the 1st and 5th reel it activates the bonus round in which there are 9 golf balls and you pick a golf ball to get the bonus credits. When you pick the golf ball, the gopher comes out of the hole and plays with the ball and reveals what you have won. When you pick a golf ball and a frog come out of the hole, the bonus round is over.

The Leopard Spots video slot game works about the same as the Cleopatra slot game in which there are 9 lines and 9 reels and again the 9 reels spin independently and when you get 3 or more leopard spots, it activates the free spin bonus round. There is also a scatter pay bonus.

Lion Fish also has 5 reels and 9 pay lines just like the Black Rhino, and when you get the 3 or more divers symbols, you get the scatter pay bonus.

Super 8 Line, Super 8 Race, and Ring em’ up has 9 lines and 9 reels where each of the 9 symbols has its own reel and match according the symbols on each of the 8 pay lines. You can bet up to 80 credits for a max bet, 10 per line. Super 8 Race, when you get 4 race cars in a diamond position it initiates the bonus round of free spins and it sounds like a race car at the speed track. The Super 8 Line bonus starts when you get 4 bells in a plus sign, and the Ring em’ up bonus starts when you get 4 bells in a diamond position.

Texas Tea is a great game in which you can bet up to 10 credits per each of the 15 lines on this 3 reel game. This game has 2 bonuses round in which you can determine the bonus points. When you get 3 dividend symbols with the ‘old tycoon’ man on a scatter pay, you then get to pick any one of the 3 spaces to get your ‘dividend check’ where you are rewarded in credits. The other bonus starts when you get 3 oil well symbols on a pay line and then you are shown a map of Texas; then you pick where you would want to put your oil wells, and after you place the 3 oil wells on the map, they start pumping out oil and ring up your credits in the process.

The last slot game is Wild Bear where it has 5 reels and 15 paylines and can bet up to 10 credits per line for a max bet of 150 credits. When you get 3 or more eagles scattered it award you with the corresponding credits

The 9 Keno Games are: 7 Card Keno, Caveman Keno, Caveman Plus Keno, Cleopatra Keno, Extra Draw Keno, Multi-Card Keno, Power Keno, Spot Keno and Triple Power Keno.

Blackjack has all of the features such as ‘Let it Ride,’ Double Down, Split, surrender, and has the insurance feature.

The following is the list of the 52 poker games all have the choice of doubling up or not. There are 4 different double up features, Beat the dealer, 3 card high-low, one card hi-low, and red and black.

Poker Games
Jacks or Better Poker
Jacks or Better Poker Hi Denom
Jacks or Better Poker Suited Royal Flush
Jacks or Better Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Double Bonus Poker
Double Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Double Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Double Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Double Double Bonus Poker
Double Double Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Double Double Bonus Suited Royal Flush
Double Double Bonus Sequential Royal Flush
Deuces Wild Poker
Deuces Wild Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Joker Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Bonus Poker Deluxe Suited Royal Flush
Bonus Poker Deluxe Sequential Royal Flush
Super Ace Bonus Poker
Super Ace Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Super Ace Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Super Double Double Bonus Poker
Ace$ Deuce Bonus Poker
USA Poker
Double Double Bonus Plus Poker
Ace$ Bonus Poker
White Hot Ace$
White Hot Ace$ Poker Hi Denom
Triple Bonus Poker Plus
Triple Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Super Double Bonus Poker
Triple Double Bonus Poker
Ace$ & Eights Sequential Royal Flush
Ace$ & Faces Poker
Double Ace Face Poker
Double Double Ace Face Poker
Black Jack Bonus Poker
Shockwave Poker
Double Deuce Poker
Loose Deuce Poker
Deuces Bonus Poker
Deuces Double Bonus Poker
Deuces Super Bonus Poker
Wild Sevens Poker
One-Eye Jacks Poker
Deuces Joker Poker
Double Joker Poker
Pick-a-Pair Poker

Caveman Keno
Caveman Plus Keno
Cleopatra Keno
Extra Draw Keno
Four Card Keno
Multi-Card Keno
Power Keno
Triple Power Keno

Black Rhino
Leopard Spots
Double Bucks
Five Times Pay (5 Reel)
Five Times Pay (3 Reel)
Fortune Cookie
Gopher Cash
Lion Fish
Ring em’ Up
Super 8 Line
Super 8 Race
Texas Tea
Wild Bear
Price : $2599.00


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